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Remote Telemetry

The ACS product line includes the most sophisticated remote terminal units (RTU) in the industry—our NTX series intelligent Substation Controllers, available in pole-top and pad-mount models.
As older substations are modernized or new substations are built, more device integration capability and less local I/O will be required. We support all applications with highly reliable, technically advanced client/server, peer–to–peer distributed multiple 32–bit microprocessor technology. Incorporating an embedded Linux® operating system that is fully secured (with no user accessibility) provides a stable platform for all distributed microprocessor nodes in each model. Our integration of IEDs is totally vendor-transparent. And anyone with Windows® experience will find NTX Explorer Configuration and Monitor tools very intuitive. It’s as close to plug–and–play as you can get.
We offer an NTX series product for every application. Additional information about each of these solutions is available, along with a comparison of the product families. Contact your ACS representative to determine which of our substation automation/integration products is right for your utility.


The NTX-20 controller is a low–cost intelligent controller, ideal for data concentrator, protocol translation, and substation distributed circuit breaker/transformer bay automation or pole–top/pad–mount switch control for distribution automation. (read more)


The NTX-200 Substation controller is the smallest of our NTX series modular substation system designs. It incorporates complete substation management functionality in a compact unit, and adds the ability to interface to large amounts of data from IEDs, and to a small to medium amount of locally-wired data acquisition and control devices in the substation. (read more)


The NTX-220 Substation Controller is one of our mid-size options, providing complete substation management functionality. It has the ability to interface to a very large amount of data from integrated IEDs, and to a medium to large amount of data from hardwired local I/O devices in the substation. Multiple user-defined subsets of this data can be transmitted to one or more master stations in the master’s native protocol. A medium amount of local analog and digital inputs can be configured in the six input module motherboard slots available. (read more)


The NTX-260 is our top-of-the-line substation system. Ideal for very large substation or power plant installations, with extra-large serial and Ethernet port requirements, it incorporates complete substation management functionality with support for a sizable amount of local I/O for full integration of old and new substation designs. It is also ideal for applications requiring heavy-duty data concentration/protocol translators.